Welcome to our little rock on the web.  A creative harbor for our family adventures. A beacon for the different projects and family events we are running. Living today in the middle of the Stockholm Archipelago this family of four and then some find its roots in the Battle of Leuven in 891 when the Vikings went on a shopping trip to Leuven. Fast forward a good 11K years later and a new encounter online between the ancestors of this tourist excursion to the city of Loven results in a romantic candle light dinner in the city of Paris.

The rest is history …

The Vanrillaer Family

While this family was only founded in the late nineties, the direct maternal lineage goes back to the mid-sixties. The resident house photographer and founding father listen to the name of Boris, while the bungee jumping social daredevil and founding mother is called Wiveka. The first born of the last century goes by the name of Birk and the youngest runs (pun intended) by as Kalle. Youngest? That depends. While the official family member count is four, the extended member list is slightly longer and includes other extended family members like Ludde, Me2, Sir Edward, and a few others …


A curated history in the life of this family living in the Stockholm Archipelago can be found here. If you are looking more for the day to day adventures of some of its more social members than we kindly point to the respective feeds.   Continue reading “About”


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